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    Matthew Dawkins here, to talk a little about the upcoming Werewolf: The Forsaken book I’m developing called Shunned by the Moon.

    Shunned by the Moon is a Night Horrors book. Steadily, we appear to be releasing a new Night Horrors book for each and every Chronicles of Darkness line and this pleases me a great deal. The intention is to provide a grab-bag of interesting antagonists and supporting characters for anyone’s chronicle, whether to populate a cast or inspire compelling plots tied into the mythology of each game line. My writers in this case are hard at work creating a gang of horrifying bastards for Werewolf.

    We’re currently deep into redlines, but things are already shaping up to sound fun and disturbing in equal measure. Just looking at some of the developing concepts, we’ve got everything from a fallen Pure Totem (how does something fall so far that even the Pure won’t accept it?) to several new, horrifying Idigam. There’s a set of new hosts waiting to spill out of 2nd edition’s body, from locusts to frogs, through to coverage of the ...


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