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(Flashback) Is This A Joke? [Realms of Pugmire]

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  • (Flashback) Is This A Joke? [Realms of Pugmire]

    The latest from Eddy:

    Related to the last post about articulating the tone of Pugmire, I remembered an old blog post I made way back when I first announced Pugmire in the ancient days of 2014. I got a lot of people assuming the announcement was some kind of joke — often enough that a few months later, I wrote a blog about it. Here you can see some of the elements I built on in the previous post to my writers.

    One question I get regularly is whether Pugmire is a joke. Given that I’ve been responsible for some pranks in the past when I worked with White Wolf, it’s somewhat of a fair question. The short answer is obviously “it isn’t,” but there are nuances to the question that are more complex beyond the obvious “this is a real game that is being made.”

    For example, it isn’t a typical Onyx Path game on the surface. It’s not using pools of d10s, it isn’t gritty and dark, and it’s not geared to an adult audience. Over the years I’ve gotten pretty ...


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