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Release Roundup: May 2018

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  • Release Roundup: May 2018

    Here’s what we’ve been doing over the last month:

    Game Books

    Scarred Lands:*Scarred Lands Player’s Guide Wrack Dragon Poster*(image/PoD)
    Scarred Lands:*Scarred Lands Player’s Guide Adventurers Poster*(image/PoD)
    Scarred Lands:*Blood Sea: The Crimson Abyss Poster*(image/PoD)
    Scarred Lands:*Hollowfaust: City of Necromancers Poster*(image/PoD)
    Scarred Lands: Champions of the Scarred Lands*(PoD
    Pugmire:*Pan’s Guide for New Pioneers*(PDF/PoD, and*Pan’s Story)
    Changeling: The Dreaming:*Book of Freeholds
    Exalted:*Hundred Devils Night Parade part 13: Barrow Hound and Devil Stone*(PDF)
    Exalted: Adversaries of the Righteous part 8: Iron Siaka*(PDF)

    Community Spotlight
    We opened the Slarecian Vault, our community content portal for Scarred Lands material!*The following content for Scarred Lands*has been added to the Slarecian Vault in the last week:

    Scarred Lands:*Slarecian Vault 5th Edition Template
    Scarred Lands: Slarecian Vault Pathfinder Template
    Scarred Lands: Slarecian Vault Scarred Lands Player’s Guide Artwork
    Scarred Lands: Slarecian Vault Spiragos Adventures Art Assets
    Scarred Lands: Master of the Scaled
    Scarred Lands: Rangers of Ghelspad
    Scarred Lands: Ghelspad Companion Volume 1
    Scarred Lands: Scarred Lands Starter Set

    The following community-created content for Vampire has been added to the*Storytellers Vault*in the last week:

    Vampire: The Masquerade: Dicionário das Trevas – edição Vampiro: a Máscara
    Vampire: The Masquerade: Cover Art – VtM – #6
    Vampire: The Masquerade: Cover Art – VtM – #7
    Vampire: ...


    Onyx Path
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