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Episode Five: How A Book is Made

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  • Episode Five: How A Book is Made

    In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew discuss the process of making a product for Onyx Path, from initial pitch to final printed product.

    Pitches – what is the book intended to do? What’s the value to the reader?
    Cold pitches vs pitches from a known quantity
    Pugmire pitch as an example
    Outlines and hiring the freelance project developer
    What traits do we look for in a developer?
    Steffie de Vaan as an example of a great new developer
    Then we contract writers
    Some writers are unsuitable, but that’s not the same as “bad”
    Matthew interrupts to say he never interrupts
    We often assume a writer is specialized, when that may not be the case
    Then on to team planning, research, and first drafts
    Collaboration is often key during the first draft stage
    Matthew uses the Contagion Chronicle as an example
    The first draft is not literally the first thing you write – there’s an amount of polish needed
    Eddy uses Dystopia Rising as an example of redlines, and how work on that project differs from Contagion Chronicle
    Lexicon can be a real pain in the ass
    Redlines as a teaching tool for writers
    Then the final drafts go ...


    Onyx Path
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