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Episode Six: Interview with Rich Thomas

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  • Episode Six: Interview with Rich Thomas

    In which Matthew and Dixie interview the boss, Rich Thomas. And Eddy gets put into a cupboard. Again.

    Eddy gets kidnapped into the cupboard again
    Matthew and Dixie talk to the boss, Rich Thomas!
    Rich talks about his time as art director (among many titles) in the early days of White Wolf Publishing
    Rich’s work as an artist in Vampire: The Masquerade, as well as one of the first 49 on Magic: The Gathering
    Working on television graphics in Philadelphia and meeting his wife, Lisa
    CCP, the World of Darkness MMO, and the formation of Onyx Path Publishing
    The build up to the new World of Darkness/Chronicles of Darkness. Did the Chronicles of Darkness “kill” White Wolf?
    Creative highlights that Onyx Path has hit: W20 Ultra-Deluxe covers, Pugmire and worldbuilding, bringing back original creators, and second edition Chronicles of Darkness games
    How does Rich handle when a game loses a key figure midway through the development cycle?
    Richard Dansky, Wraith 20th, and the integrated nature of the game design community
    Matthew unleashes the emergency questions!
    Cavaliers of Mars, Pugmire, and They Came From Beneath The Sea!
    Humor in RPGs
    Your questions! Did we ask ...


    Onyx Path
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