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How To Get A Head In Fetch Quest! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • How To Get A Head In Fetch Quest! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    This time, I’m not going to fling my highfalutin verbiage at you praising Fetch Quest, our newest and ongoing Kickstarter campaign. I’m going to let these folks do it!

    Our very first link is from Geek City USA and takes you to their How To Play vid:

    Next, our old friends at Geek & Sundry gave us a nice wag of the tail:

    Egg Embry called out Fetch Quest in a post about All-Ages Games Kickstarters on the Tessera Guild website:

    4 All-Ages Games Kickstarters You Should Back – No Thank You, Evil!, Scales & Tales, Ratmen Temple, and Fetch Quest

    We’re third in their list, I think, so go ahead and scroll down!

    Professor Thorgi gave Fetch Quest the spotlight on his YouTube show, Kick It:

    And our latest is an interview with creator Eddy Webb on FlamesRising:

    Interview with Fetch Quest Designer Eddy Webb

    Hope you’ll check out these multi-media plaudits for Eddy’s wee little card game set in the Realms of Pugmire. It’s really great to see so many folks express interest and spread the word about it. We hope you can too!



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