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Episode Eight: Steffie de Vaan and Promethean

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  • Episode Eight: Steffie de Vaan and Promethean

    In which Dixie and Matthew interview one of our newest developers, Steffie de Vaan!

    How Steffie got involved
    Started on web games and Promethean 2nd Edition
    Steffie talks about Matthew’s development style
    What it’s like to work from the Netherlands
    UK Games Expo and the trouble with rail
    Steffie and the hosts do a detailed dive into Promethean: The Created
    Matthew cuts a promo on Dixie (again)
    How to handle Disquiet in Promethean
    The Onyx Path games Steffie is most drawn to
    Monarchies of Mau, Pugmire, and Scion at UK Games Expo
    Matthew interrupts
    Angry Hamster Publishing’s games, and wandering through afterlives
    Pitch for Changling the Lost
    The emergency question!
    Promethean 2nd Edition:
    Changeling 2nd Edition at Backerkit: https://changeling-the-lost-2nd-edit...sted_preorders
    Angry Hamster Publishing:
    More from Steffie:*


    Onyx Path
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