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Fiction Friday: Dark Eras Companion

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  • Fiction Friday: Dark Eras Companion

    This piece accompanies the Fall of Isireion era (69 BCE-30 BCE) in the*Dark Eras Companion.

    Her jaw snaps and groans like breaking green branches. There’s a face in her mouth. It disappears when she swallows. She spits and it smellsof raw meat and ancient dust. Nefersobk rolls the blue, withered corpse off the slab. Its head is gone.

    She ate it.

    “Send it down the river,” she says. “His worshippers will find it.” And I will find them, and him again. And again and again and again. But for now she’s as close to sated as she’ll ever be. The hole in her soul never goes away completely, but feasting makes it feel smaller: something to step over and ignore, for a time.

    Besides, she plans to eat again, soon.

    Her servants cart the “deathless” one’s body away as she reels, clutching the mortuary slab. Sekhem’s stronger than hashish or unmixed wine, but it doesn’t confuse her. It makes her brilliant, like a child seeing constellations in the stars for the first time. Out of nothing but sky, the gods dance. She’s the smartest woman ...


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