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Character Creation: W20 Changing Breeds

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  • Character Creation: W20 Changing Breeds

    Bill returns with another Character Creation entry:

    I’ve long been intrigued by the setting for Werewolf: The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Edition: Gaia’s warriors, protecting the planet from those who would deliberately despoil her for their own greedy ends. While the wolf pack inherent in W20 is the default, I’m more interested in creating a Fera or different type of Breed. W20 Changing Breeds allows me to explore several types of playable possibilities from the Ajaba to the Rokea, and includes legends, history, culture, Traits, new Merits and Flaws, and so much more.

    To build a character, I’m going to use the character creation process beginning on page 112 of W20. Then, I’m going to apply options from Changing Breeds when needed.

    Step One: Character Concept

    For this step, I’m referring to Changing Breeds to mull over my options. I see crows in my daily life, and marvel at stories of them bringing shiny things to people’s homes in exchange for food. Since I have a personal fascination with crows, I select the Corax. The write-up begins on page 92. Aspects of the Corax that ...


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