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The Squick and the Dead [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • The Squick and the Dead [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Long time readers of this blog might have noticed that we, or the tabletop RPG business as a whole, often have incidents occur during the course of a year that flare up on social media for one reason or the other that Onyx Path doesn’t really officially comment on. This isn’t an accident, as I don’t think a lot is gained by verbally sparring in social media while we have games and books that need to be created and made available to all of you folks.

    This can be frustrating. I mean really, really, head is going to explode, frustrating. Particularly when ourselves or our friends are being attacked online.

    But here is a statement I _do_ need to make officially, although I never thought it would have been necessary. It, in fact, squicks me out to think that the world needs to hear this, but since a whole bunch of folks have indicated that they’d feel a lot better if I said it, there you go:

    Onyx Path is against Nazis. We do not support Nazis, and if you are reading this ...


    Onyx Path
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