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Night Horrors: The Tormented [Promethean: The Created]

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  • Night Horrors: The Tormented [Promethean: The Created]

    “The wound is where the Light enters you”
    — Rumi

    That’s the opening quote to the Promethean chapter of Night Horrors: The Tormented. It’s also good way to introduce myself, because it perfectly encapsulates what Promethean means to me.

    Being Promethean is like an open wound. It’s life handing you the short end of the stick, which is also on fire and trying to strangle you. It’s always having a no good, horrible, very bad day. It’s being stuck in the dark with no visible way out.

    But it’s also about light in that darkness.

    The thing that fucks up the Prometheans’ existence — Azoth — is also what sees them through. It stays with them in the darkness, is always at their side*. Rooting for them. Telling them, in the way a giant might try to explain the world to ants, that there is a way out: Keep going, and Dawn will come.

    That is a powerful promise, and this struggle between torment and elpis is the heart of Promethean*— it’s what sets the Created on the Pilgrimage. Nothing’s ever easy though, and Night Horrors:*The ...


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