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  • Redlines [Dark Eras 2]

    This piece was sent out for last month’s update to Dark Eras 2 backers, and we thought we’d share it with our lovely blog readers:

    Hello all!

    Matthew here, to address the pressing subject of redlines. We’re receiving the first drafts for Dark Eras 2, and will be entering this joyous stage once we have all of them.

    No phrase is more feared among the pool of freelancing writers than “I have redlined your work, and..” And what? Is my work clean? Does it need rewriting from scratch? Oh Lord, it’s going to be awful, isn’t it? I’ll never write again.

    Calm thy jets, friend writer. Redlining is not a punishment process, and should not be used to belittle, mock, or humiliate writers. Redlines are ideally used as an instructional tool. Good redlines are what keep a draft on topic, highlight the best bits, underscore the parts in need of improvement, and importantly, comment on how to improve this and future work to ensure errors do not repeat between drafts.

    Here’s a list of the kind of things Monica, Meghan, and I will be doing ...


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