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    Eddy continues his “Claws and Effect” series:

    For a long time, the number one question I got for Pugmire was “Can I play a cat?” But now that Monarchies of Mau is off to the printers, the new number one question I get is “Can I play as my favorite breed?”

    The FAQ over at gives an answer for this. To wit:

    Q: What dog breeds can I play? The breed I want to play isn’t in the right section.

    A: Pugmire is designed to be a system that you can easily customize to your taste. You can play any breed of dog and assign her to one of the six game Breeds. If you don’t agree with what game Breed we’ve put a particular breed of dog in, feel free to change it in your game! Game Breeds are purely a mechanical development, and have very little impact on the Pugmire world.

    That’s the simple answer, but it’s worth digging into the details a bit more, starting with how I came up with the Breeds in the first place.

    As fans of D&D might ...


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