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Fiction Friday: Into the Cold

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  • Fiction Friday: Into the Cold

    This week is the chapter fiction which opens*In the Cold, a Demon: The Descent-focused chapter for*Chronicles of Darkness: Dark Eras.

    Hans turned away from the window and put on his greatcoat. The snow and darkness would increase his chances of success. The snow crunched under his boots in rhythm with his breathing. Soon he was only a few blocks away from Checkpoint Charlie. One of his colleagues exchanged information with the West at that checkpoint, but Hans hadn’t heard from her in weeks. Perhaps she had merely gone to ground.

    Hans wouldn’t cross at Checkpoint Charlie, though. Too much traffic. Too many soldiers. Too much risk of being seen. False identities he had, but not the luxury of multiple passports.

    A figure emerged from the snow, and only Hans’ self-control kept him from leaping in surprise.

    “Sir, your papers?” the figure asked.

    “Good evening, comrade,” Hans said, withdrawing his identification from his left pocket and holding it out. His other hand remained firmly planted in the pocket. “Urgent house call.”

    The figure stepped into the pool of light from the streetlamp above. He was a young ...


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