Now available in PDF from DriveThruRPG: the*Onyx Path 2018-2019 Publishing Brochure!

Dare To Walk The Onyx Path
This brochure contains:

An intro letter from Rich Thomas, founder of Onyx Path Publishing, that describes the Onyx Path business model and how the company is re-energizing the WW game lines.
A look at the Onyx Path Publishing projects by game line.
Art previews from upcoming books
… and more!

There’s some really exciting stuff in here. What are you most looking forward to?

Also available in PDF: the latest Storypath System Preview!

The evolution of the Storypath system is tied to our work on the*Trinity Continuum, a*world of hope, heroism, and peril,*and*Scion, a world where the children of the old gods walk the earth.

Early on, we found that both new editions of these games had similar system needs, because their characters are larger-than-life and fight in epic battles on a grand scale. We knew we needed a system that could accommodate everyday citizens on the street, superheroes soaring above skyscrapers, and gods of the sun and sky, but we also wanted rules to help facilitate the connection between the player-characters, their ...