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  • Just D&D With Dogs [Realms of Pugmire]

    Eddy returns with the latest “Claws & Effect”:

    Last post, I talked about the number one question I get about Pugmire (“Can I play as my favorite breed?”). Today, I want to cover the other side — my number one criticism. Time and again I’ll wade into a forum thread or Facebook post about Pugmire, and someone will say “Oh, that’s just D&D with dogs.” And that’s both right and wrong.

    Yes, it’s based on the d20 OGL used for 5th edition Dungeons & Dragons. And unlike some OGL-based games, the surface layer (what I call the “output”) looks and acts a lot like 5e D&D. But the mechanics that drive the game (what I call the “engine”) are distinctly different. I tend to call it a “streamlined” version of 5e, but even that’s not entirely right. I’ve spent a lot of time challenging core assumptions, adapting new ideas, and seeing how each piece impacts the others. For example, rather than having a pre-constructed set of abilities, I presented a series of options so players can pick and choose the ...


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