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Special Episode Two: What’s Up With Onyx Path (Gen Con 2018)

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  • Special Episode Two: What’s Up With Onyx Path (Gen Con 2018)

    In which Matthew, Dixie, and Eddy present a recording of our “What’s Up with Onyx Path” panel. But will their sanity survive low audio quality and recording software issues?

    * Intro, and we talk about the audio quality and the applause next door
    * Rich introduces the panel, and talks about the stuff that’s not specific to games
    * Changeover in process and staff over the past year
    * Rich is on the board of the Bodhana Group
    * iThrive and the Critical Strengths Engine
    * Rich has to go, leaving us in charge
    * Matt McElroy talks about fiction and distribution
    * Community Content programs
    * Talking about the Onyx Pathcast while recording for the Pathcast! Pathcastception!
    * Matthew talks about World of Darkness
    * Chicago By Night for Vampire 5th Edition
    * Mage 20th updates: Book of the Fallen, Guide to the Technocracy, Victorian Mage
    * Wraith 20th updates: Book of Oblivion
    * Changeling 20th updates: C20 Player’s Guide
    * Dixie and Matthew talk about Chronicles of Darkness
    * Innocents Second Edition
    * Mummy the Curse Second Edition
    * Exalted updates: Lunars, Heirs of the Shogunate, Sidereals
    * Scion, guest-starring Neall Price
    * Some initial ideas about Scion: ...


    Onyx Path
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