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The People of the Labyrinth [Cavaliers of Mars]

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  • The People of the Labyrinth [Cavaliers of Mars]

    The rumors are many and varied. Cannibal tribes run by a magical woman, people who can create water out of nothing, glowing plants and animals that give any who eat them mystical powers. I’m going to find out for myself what lies in the Labyrinth of Night once and for all.

    – The last entry in the diary of Diokel, explorer

    Soon after the First Martians disappeared, as the Red Martians made their way across the planet to settle cities, a group of voyagers made their way into the Wyeth Valley. They did not make contact with the Wyeth, but instead traveled far to the northernmost tip of the canyon, a place where the sun cannot reach, and found a wondrous landscape of luminous flora and fauna. They built a city there and lived in a perpetual twilight within the glowing cavern. As the years passed and the city became prosperous, trade between the Red Martians and the Wyeth flourished, despite the Wyeth’s misgivings about the Reds living so close to their homeland.

    One night a bright light fell from the sky and ...


    Onyx Path
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