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Fiction Friday: Scion: Origin

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  • Fiction Friday: Scion: Origin

    Presenting “Apple,” written by the inimitable Kieron Gillen, from the upcoming*Scion: Origin.

    Everyone liked Donnie. They always liked him.

    Donnie served the girl her cappuccino. She glanced down, and her eyes widened in delight. Written in the froth, in perfect foam writing, was the word “Brittany.”

    “How did you know my name?”

    Donnie shrugged a sculpted shoulder. “When you walked in the door, I just looked at you and thought… there’s a Brittany.” He unleashed his matinee-idol smile for a second. “Was I right?” Her cheeks reddened as she looked down at her drink and then, with a calm determination, raised her gaze.

    “This isn’t a thing I’d normally do but…” she said, “do you want my number?”

    “I’m sorry. I’ve got a girlfriend,” said Donnie, who didn’t.

    This wasn’t enough to stop her. She pushed a business card across the counter. “Well, if you ever don’t have a girlfriend, call me.” She gave him a smile that made him suspect she wanted Donnie to call her, girlfriend or not, and left.

    Donnie examined the card. Brittany was a model. He could have guessed. She was, by any ...


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