Eddy brings us this look at the forbidden seventh house of Mau.

Monarchies of Mau’s Aeris von Angora illustration for Monarchies of Mau.

The Fall of Smilodon
Although the official histories only mention six monarchies, in truth, there once existed a seventh.


Say the name now, and upstanding cats will have one of two reactions: Some will hiss softly, cursing the fallen family beneath their breath. The rest will stare at you blankly, as though the name doesn’t register. For some — kittens especially — this is because they haven’t heard of the family. Over the centuries, the name has been erased from the monarchies’ records and teachings. Scholars who have delved deeper into their houses’ archives and learned the truth still might feign ignorance, but it’s the type of blank look given to a cat who has just revealed a secret in public. That polite, vaguely embarrassed stare that says, “Let’s pretend you didn’t say that, and I’ll pretend I didn’t hear it.”

The Smilodon family’s origins are lost to history. If they were once a branch of one of the noble houses, ...