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Zombie Dreams [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Zombie Dreams [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Going to make this one a taaaad bit shorter than last week’s. While I’d like to say it is in the interest of giving you loyal readers a break, in fact it’s because I really didn’t sleep well last night and my brain is mush.

    For example, without my going back and really concentrating, most of the writing I’m doing right now looks like this:

    Mopst oif tHr wrttiomg I”n dopIngh lokks L1je tyhjiis.

    As you might imagine, it’s put quite the damper on my writing this blog.

    No worries, though, the reason for the crappy sleep isn’t something important, or connected to Onyx Path, or anything like that. As near as I can figure, I was having anxiety dreams because my kids are all going back to their various schools starting yesterday and finishing next weekend.

    They were expressing their concerns and had last minute this and thats, and all of that seeped into my head and I dreamed what I thought were three hour epic searches for classrooms only to wake up and note that 15 minutes had passed. Over and over again. ...


    Onyx Path
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