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The Walking and Scrapping Dead [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • The Walking and Scrapping Dead [Monday Meeting Notes]

    A couple of meanings to the “Scrapping” part of the blog title this week. First of all, not the “scraping dead” which is probably a kind of zombie. Pretty sure I’ve seen some scraped zombies on TV…but that’s not the type I’m talking about.

    Scrapping as in “scrappy”, though, is one of the ways I mean it. As in tough and fighty. In Dystopia Rising: Evolution, which is rolling along quite well with its Kickstarter – thanks for asking, the undead have various tiers of scrappy, and of intelligence. That’s one of the cool parts of the setting, and one of the several reasons we at Onyx Path had for deciding to work with Eschaton Media to create the Dystopia Rising: Evolution tabletop RPG.

    If we haven’t yet released the portion of the manuscript containing the zombies to backers during the Kickstarter, stay tuned, because we will. Like most of our latest Kickstarters, the whole text will be revealed to backers before the KS is over. We like to think that doing that gives backers a good chance to make an informed ...


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