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Solar Bonds [Exalted 3rd Edition]

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  • Solar Bonds [Exalted 3rd Edition]

    Today, we’re focusing on the Solar Bond. Inspired by mythic duos like Gilgamesh and Enkidu, Achilles and Patrochlus, and Xbalanque and Hunahpu, as well as fantasy romances that persist beyond lifetimes, the Bond has always been an essential feature of Lunars. For 3rd Edition, we’ve refined and revised its presentation in both the setting and mechanics to make Lunars as awesome and as fun to play as they should be. Enjoy!

    Eric & Vance

    History of the Silver Pact

    The Silver Pact’s roots trace back to the early First Age. Today’s few surviving First Age Lunars each describe these events through different lenses of fading memory and personal interpretation. That which became the Pact was born out of violence. Near the dawn of the First Age, a coalition of Lunar princes and their Circlemates challenged the supremacy of a Solar monarch who claimed authority over Creation as the chief surviving general of the Divine Revolution. The war drew in more Lunars and Solars across a period of years, eventually embroiling much of the Exalted Host. In the end, the two sides made peace ...


    Onyx Path
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