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Fiction Friday: Dystopia Rising: Evolution

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  • Fiction Friday: Dystopia Rising: Evolution

    This fiction, “Tell Me About Yourself,” comes from Dystopia Rising: Evolution, currently on Kickstarter!

    “Tell me about yourself.”

    The woman who spoke to Mila Tierney did not wear anything as fancy as Mila. She did not have a private army. She did not have vast wealth. She certainly did not have a name known among the powerful Pure Bloods, except in whispers and curiosity.

    What she did have was a means to get answers from the dead. Mila offered money, and the woman took it of course, but she placed other conditions on her assistance. Most were minor.

    This request, however, was the most uncomfortable of all.

    The woman peeled back the skin on the body resting on the table in front of her; her child apprentice took notes in the dim light. They did not speak to each other; the woman pointed, and the girl wrote. The girl faded in and out of view on the edges of the operating theater, the sole lantern hanging above the table providing scant illumination. Occasionally, Mila heard others above and to the sides whom she could not ...


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