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Zombies [Dystopia Rising: Evolution]

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  • Zombies [Dystopia Rising: Evolution]

    It’s been at least four generations since the Fall of humanity. No one knows the exact number of years since the world was blasted with nuclear radiation and became infected with fungus and the undead, so the best the survivors can do is count the number of generations before them. Oral tradition and crumbling documents detail the remaining history of those first few generations of survivors, and misinformation has clouded the tragic events around the original catastrophe.

    Prior to the Fall, humanity did everything they could to record and share data across the world; unfortunately, as green movements and landfill concerns took the forefront of human focus, the shift from hard sustainable technology to digital and virtual mediums caused a massive period of human growth to be lost. Music released on digital formats all but disappeared. Information shared via the internet and television was eradicated by electromagnetic pulses and low-level ground destruction. Generations of neglect, misunderstanding, and misuse caused localized electronic equipment to break or fall into disuse. Humanity lost most of the advancements from the mid-1990s forward, and comforts of ...


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