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Fiction Friday: World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters part 1

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  • Fiction Friday: World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters part 1

    This week, for Fiction Friday, we’re pleased to offer Part One of Catherine Lundoff’s story for the upcoming World of Darkness: Ghost Hunters,*A Cry in the Night. Catherine also wrote a story for the V20 Dark Ages anthology The Cainite Conspiracies, and we are thrilled to have her back for a new supplement.

    “It doesn’t look haunted,” Bethany scowled out the smudged car window of Al’s junker at what passed for downtown Cobb’s Center.*It didn’t even look that interesting, just stores and bars and houses, a lot like Lakeside, where they lived, only with less people on the streets. A lot less people. That might be interesting if she didn’t think that it was because there was nothing to do.

    “You always say that.” Al scowled back, then made a face at her until she broke into a reluctant laugh.

    “That’s because I’m always right.”

    “Not this time. This time, I’ve got a feeling. Specter Detectors are gonna score big, maybe get our own cable show.” He turned down the main street, then pulled into a convenience store parking lot and parked. “You want ...


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