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Dead On Our Feet, But Still Fightin’ [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Dead On Our Feet, But Still Fightin’ [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Last week, I had a great interview with the guys from the Everybody Loves Pudding podcast, and since their questions started with the early days with White Wolf and being a Magic card artist and led right through the CCP years to V5 and its several controversies, I thought this week that I’d go over a couple of questions folks have been throwing at us that relate to the whole ownership and licensing thing. And the difference between those two kinds of business deals.

    (As soon as the Pudding guys are ready to post the interview, I’ll share the links with all of you. Mmmm, I sure do like pudding, Cotton).

    I recently saw online somebody asking how CCP being bought was going to affect us and White Wolf and the WW game lines.

    So, first, if you missed the news: CCP, the company that used to own White Wolf and who tried to create a World of Darkness MMO, but who ultimately sold WW to Paradox, who then recreated White Wolf as a company and created Vampire 5th Edition, were themselves bought ...


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