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    As Neall would say: Greetings, true believers! Meghan here, to share with you a high-level preview of what’s going into Scion: Mysteries of the World, the companion book to Origin and Hero. Remember that the book is still in first drafts, so anything and everything is subject to change! But this is what Neall and I have worked out for the outline, and what the writers are currently busy working on.

    Chapter One: Myth Level
    The Myth Level is five options along four axes of design, meant to allow the Storyguide to choose how many of Scion’s setting “dials” they want to crank. This chapter lays out what each of those dials looks like at each of the five Myth Levels. Those Myth Levels are:

    Iron: Perfectly mundane. Very similar in nature and tone to Gaiman’s American Gods, where ifriti are cab drivers, Odhinn is a shiftless wandering con man, and Chernobog and the goddesses of dawn, midday and evening are poor immigrants scraping by in a shitty apartment in Chicago.
    Heroic: Mostly mundane, but with room for great acts of heroism. Most supernatural ...


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