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    Writers are deep in writing on the Tales of Excellent Cats anthology. I’ve gotten a chance to read a bit of “Where the Heart Is,” a story by Joseph D. Carriker, Jr. (an amazing writer and a dear friend). I enjoyed it so much that I’m passing it on for everyone else to read as well! This is a section from the pre-edited manuscript, so some things may change between now and the final release, but I think you’ll like what you see. Enjoy!

    Minister Hanji Toyger von Korat really should have known better.

    She looked her best for the occasion, naturally. She was graceful (not delicate, her mother’s favorite term for her, undermining her with the faintest of praise) and well-groomed, with brilliant orange-red fur and black stripes like permanent, dramatic shadows across her form. Her minister’s robes were of a genial forest green, embroidered with copper threading and lovely little discs of copper in clusters here and there. They tinkled merrily as she walked and caught the light most fetchingly.

    Her eyes were bright and amber and missed nothing. Which was ...


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