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A Whiff of Pumpkin Guts [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • A Whiff of Pumpkin Guts [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Fall is in the air, and it is time for the aroma of pumpkin spice to waft around us wherever we go. And yet, somewhere beneath and behind that ubiquitous scent, is there another crueler tang? Perhaps a tinge of pumpkin guts, that suggestion of orange lives given up for our autumnal habit?


    But the idea that there are darker things beneath the surface is surely imprinted on our thinking as gamers, and it features in pretty much all of our games – and quite a few other Tabletop RPGs that we enjoy even if we’ve never worked on them. Secret knowledge, buried secrets, layers of conspiracy (and lairs of conspiracy, and liars of conspiracy, but those are different things); these are all part of the draw for our gaming. At its simplest level, winnowing out those secrets gives us the story we’re playing.

    From time to time, as fans, we can even see conspiracies in the mundane world of the business side of our hobby. I guess it’s natural, but it is odd, when you know the folks involved, to ascribe ...


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