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Teamwork and Tactics [Hunter: The Vigil]

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  • Teamwork and Tactics [Hunter: The Vigil]

    Via Monica Valentinelli, our Hunter developer:

    Today’s preview re-introduces Tactics which were found in Hunter: The Vigil 2nd Edition on pages 216-228. This section is a reflection of how hunters can work together to accomplish goals, while emphasizing the “tool kit” mentality Hunter is known for. *

    Teamwork and Tactics
    A living nightmare of teeth and whirling shadows lunges for a lone hunter when they least expect it. Without backup, a solitary hunter is vulnerable and often finds themselves in mortal danger. When the shit hits the fan, hunters must find a way to uphold the Vigil. When they don’t, they’re in danger of falling into despair, taking dangerous risks, or becoming so corrupted they’re no better than the monsters themselves. Even hunters who hate each other grudgingly acknowledge they must set aside their differences when it matters. Otherwise, they’re easy prey for the darkness.

    Hunters have two ways to work together. The first is Teamwork: one person performs a single action, like breaking down a door or researching the Beast of Bray Road, and the others help. The second is with Tactics. A ...


    Onyx Path
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