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Claws and Effect: Long-Term Play [Realms of Pugmire]

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  • Claws and Effect: Long-Term Play [Realms of Pugmire]

    Via Eddy:

    As written, Pugmire and Mau chronicles can be reasonably swift. It’s possible to go from a starting character to a retired one in ten game sessions. For some people (like me), that’s a feature — I rarely have time for sprawling weekly epics that last for years and years anymore. Knowing that I can play an entire chronicle from start to finish in a reasonably short time is compelling.

    That said, some people do have time for sprawling weekly epics, but are struggling with how to use Pugmire or Mau for such long-term play. The books do provide information on both pacing of levels and how to play beyond level 10, but I have some more thoughts on how you can create epics.

    Mini-Advancement with Artifacts

    One way is to change the scope of advancements. As Guide, you might award a level only after the end of a series of adventures instead of just one story. Maybe this is the end of a long novel, or a season of a television series. But players like to have new things to play with ...


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