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I Should Write This Down [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • I Should Write This Down [Monday Meeting Notes]

    And if I do want to write it down, I can do it in one of our many fine blank journals with covers specific to our game lines on our RedBubble site! Yay!

    Actually, not really my thing, but a bunch of our community seem to really like them, so it’s cool that folks now can get journals decorated with appropriate graphics and images from their favorite setting(s). And making these items of merchandise, as well as shirts and hoodies and phone cases, etc, is not only pretty simple for Mirthful Mike to put together, but is something that he can do to take a break from the more involved graphic design, layout, and art direction he does.

    Many of our merch items are something the Mirthful One gets an idea for and puts together because he thinks that it’ll be cool for somebody “out there”. We all have our ways of reinvigorating our creative efforts, and this is one of Mike’s.

    Which I can’t complain about, since the RedBubble merchandise has been great for making sure that we continue our New Things ...


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