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Book of Oblivion [Wraith: The Oblivion]

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  • Book of Oblivion [Wraith: The Oblivion]

    Bruce Baugh here!

    Soulforging is one of the most distinctive features of the Underworld as seen in Wraith: The Oblivion. Wraiths with the right training and tools can turn their fellow wraiths’ bodies into the raw material for a wide range of crafting. Controversies among wraiths about the morality and utility of it all mark out important divisions within wraith society. But no matter how any individual feels about it, there are needs and wants that only the soulforges can fulfill. Clayton Oliver examines the nitty-gritty in these passages from the upcoming Book of Oblivion.

    The Industrial Revolution passed the Underworld by for two reasons. The lesser reason, and the one critics use as a bludgeon, is the Artificers’ Guild’s deathgrip on thousands of years of history untouched by progress. *Actually, the greater problem is the Underworld itself. Modern mining, refining, and production are deterministic systems: consistent inputs yield consistent outputs. On the other hand, raw materials among (or made of) the dead lack this predictability. *Assembly lines don’t work well when every part requires individual treatment to accommodate properties only tenuously ...


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