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And We Shall Know No Fear [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • And We Shall Know No Fear [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Yes, we are back from a multi-convention weekend! That’s Eddy Webb and I, center to right, with a bunch of crazy maniacs (ie: game designers) at our Game Design Panel at Save Against Fear in Harrisburg. As always, it was a fantastic panel with questions ranging from when to alter an existing design or to go off on your own with something new, all the way to how to deal with Imposter Syndrome.

    Since, this is a frighteningly common confidence smasher for game designers, I share with you the most useful answer from the panel: when the voice in your mind starts suggesting you are but an imposter and unworthy of being included as a true designer, give the voice a name, and an annoying voice. Once it is personified, you have the distance to try and deal with it. Try telling that person, the voice, to shut up if only because they have an annoying tone to their voice.

    As always, we’re just game creators, and what worked for some of us might not work for you.




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