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The Joining [Shunned by the Moon]

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  • The Joining [Shunned by the Moon]

    Howl there!

    Matthew Dawkins here, with another sneak peek at Shunned by the Moon for Werewolf: The Forsaken. Hosts are one of my favourite kinds of critters for Werewolf, if nothing else due to their utter ickiness. There’s something delightfully visceral about a body splitting open and a thousand tiny spiders spilling out, or a bundle of furious rats gnawing their way into someone’s abdomen…

    Or maybe it’s just me?

    Shunned by the Moon contains a handful of new Hosts, along with rules for their inhabitation of an unfortunate vessel. Here’s a sneak preview of the Joining and the Ukusgualu Lamprey Hosts, both by fantastic author Chris Allen.

    The Joining
    In its most primitive and base state, a Shard appears as an animal — a spider, rat, or other vermin, often grotesque or mutated in some way. To Join with a human, the Shard makes contact with its victim’s flesh. As an Instant action, it then invades their body.

    This kills the human over several turns, after which the Shard takes control of the carcass. Claimed and non-human animals are spiritually incompatible with Shards; werewolves’ regeneration ...


    Onyx Path
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