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Special Episode Four: Save Against Fear

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  • Special Episode Four: Save Against Fear

    In which Eddy, Dixie, and Matthew throw together an emergency extra-long episode using listener questions and a game design panel from Save Against Fear!

    * Introductions from the panel
    * What’s the process when you start to design a game?
    * When do you reinvent the wheel or reskin something else?
    * The X-Card and other safety mechanisms
    * How do you merge theme and mechanics?
    * Handling feedback
    * Favorite mechanics
    * How would you design a game for players new to tabletop RPGs?
    * One thing that starting game designers should know
    * Imposter syndrome: “Shut up Stamford!”
    * Designing for disability and impairment
    * Instead of outro banter, we do an ad-hoc Q&A!
    * Questions from iceblade44: Sothic turns, relationship with vampires, and the Spilled Blood book
    * Apollo is unhelpful
    * Question from George Lemke: Can we get a Storypath deep dive?
    * Eddy has seen a lot of pictures of birds with arms
    * Question from Yoidan: What are our dream games?
    * Leave us your questions on the blog at!

    * Save Against Fear:*
    * Retrostar:
    * Kids on Bikes:
    * Pugmire:
    * Project Biomodus:
    * Onyx Pathcast blog:


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