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The Shadow Over Chicago (by Night)[Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • The Shadow Over Chicago (by Night)[Monday Meeting Notes]

    M20 Gods and Monsters art by Ivan Dixon

    Actually, it’s our shadow over Chicago, and not whatever that is in the art above, as we continue to work with White Wolf to insure that V5 Chicago By Night‘s text is accurate to their vision and as complete as we can make it prior to launching its Kickstarter. We want that text finished so that we can roll right into preparing the book for the Backer PDF and to create the traditional printer and DTRPG PoD files so that physical copies will exist as quickly as possible.

    So, better waiting for the KS to go live than waiting for the book to ship to backers! Several of our latest Kickstarters that have been created using this dictum have shipped early: Cavaliers of Mars shipped a year before its estimated date, and Monarchies of Mau will ship next month four months earlier than estimated.

    All of which means that we hope that the V5 Chicago By Night Kickstarter can start on Tuesday October 30th, but we’ll have to see. We WILL broadcast it all ...


    Onyx Path
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