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Seelie Ravaging [C20 Players Guide]

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  • Seelie Ravaging [C20 Players Guide]

    Musing and Ravaging may seem clearly divided along Seelie and Unseelie lines, but the truth isn’t quite that simple. There are Unseelie fae who’ve mastered using the chaos and directness to inspire Dreamers to their own unconventional forms of Musing, while some Seelie changelings try to put a pleasant face on activities that are definitely still Ravaging at heart. Christine Beard wrote this wonderfully twisted section, and while you’ll have to wait for the book to check out the Unseeling Musing, here are some deliciously wicked Seelie Ravaging options.

    Ravaging Thresholds
    Ravaging relies primarily on building someone up just to tear them down. While the Seelie Court usually condemns Ravaging, a number of them are guilty of it. Some may not even think of it as Ravaging, but simply asserting a natural order, or setting things as they should be, but stifling others to empower yourself is only fulfilling for one of you.

    Comforting Lie: Sometimes the best thing you can do to reassure or comfort someone is to lie straight to their face. Of course, when these lies are easy to see ...


    Onyx Path
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