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My Kind of Town, Chicago Is! [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • My Kind of Town, Chicago Is! [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Chicago! By Night! What an evocative title that was in ’91. We had seen nothing like it for any of our games. The web of vampire NPCs and their sheer variety could have been overwhelming, but instead it was fascinating. We wanted to keep reading and to learn as much as we could about them, and the vampire society they were enmeshed in.

    The gorgeous Coterie Charts were, of course, that perfect bit of visual aid that we needed to refer to during reading – and even more importantly, during playing. Who is she? Do we know who she’s connected to? Does she hate that guy we’re sort of working for?

    It added the context, the structure, that we had only been imagining based on the core book. Now we could see how the ideas fit together in one city.

    My group was lucky as I had been given the text early in order to playtest and so I could do art and the logo for the book. We got to roam those streets on the lookout for Capone earlier than most, but ...


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