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Winter of Man: Part 3 of 6 [Realms of Pugmire]

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  • Winter of Man: Part 3 of 6 [Realms of Pugmire]

    Pugmire illustration by Pat Loboyko

    The dogs walked until night. The trees of the forest grew wider apart, broken up by large rocks and hills. Yosha and Pan shivered, their thin fur scant protection against the brisk frigid air as they climbed yet another hill. “We need a place to rest,” Pan said. “Somewhere we can light a fire without attracting any more of those…” He waved his paws in the air in a vague motion.

    “Demons,” Rex said.

    “I was going to say ‘diseased dogs,’ because I’m not a superstitious idiot.”

    “What about that cave over there?” Yosha said, pointing at a small flickering light in the night.

    “It could be more of the possessed,” Picassa said.

    “Did those diseased dogs look like they had enough brainpower to start a fire?” Pan snapped back.

    Yosha rubbed her paws over her arms, shivering. “I don’t sense anything. Besides, we won’t know until we look. And I’m cold.”

    “I’ll go ahead,” Rex said.

    Pan snorted. “I think we could do with a little less sword swinging and a little more tail wagging. Let me talk to them first.”

    “You don’t…”

    “It’s ...


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