In which Matthew, Dixie, and Eddy discuss what games they’d love to work on, and the struggles of making such games.

* Starting off with awkward silence!
* We’re all Rich’s children, according to Matthew
* Eddy talks about genre for a while, and Dixie zones out
* The struggle of making a Sherlock Holmes game
* Dixie talks about Saga, Charlotte Bronte, and Kushiel’s Dart
* The Blue Rose RPG!
* Matthew talks about Dickens, Fatale, and Transmetropolitan
* Musing on Scion: God, Dies the Fire, and Broken Runes
* Dixie talks about ElfQuest, She-Ra, and Battle Royale
* Eddy talks about Killer, John Wick, and Space Rat (although he forgot the name at the time)
* “Downton Abbey” LARPs
* Dixie is looking for more to read
* Video games: Ace Attorney, Fallout, Borderlands, BioShock, Metroid, and Legend of Zelda
* Quick Fire: What are the biggest dream projects we DID get to work on?
* Matthew is scary!

Some Links:
* Boyfriend Dungeon:
* Hatoful Boyfriend:
* James Bond 007 RPG:
* Doctor Who RPG:
* Saga:
* Jane Austen MMO:
* Kushiel’s Dart:
* Blue Rose:
* Dickensian:
* Fatale:
* Transmetropolitan:
* ...