Greetings all! Matthew Dawkins here, the developer of Chicago by Night. This has been one hell of a book to shepherd from pitch, to outline, to writing, development, approvals, and now Kickstarter. At 200,000 words (approximately) it’s a big old tome with scores of Kindred, and story hooks, loresheets, and other fun things aplenty.

But before I get ahead of myself, let’s break things down. The contents for Chicago by Night are (as per the outline):

Local Metaplot
The Lasombra Defection
City Rules
Kindred of Chicago
Clan Lasombra + Their Discipline
Chronicle Hooks + The Chicago Chronicle

As I said, there’s a lot in here. One of the objectives I aim for in all of my projects is utility. There should be something usable for a chronicle in every paragraph, and hopefully every sentence. This book contains more hooks, diving-off points, launchpads, and other such silly words and terms for chronicle ideas than any other book I’ve had the pleasure to work on, including possibly Beckett’s Jyhad Diary. You will read through this book and find hundreds of ideas in its many pages.

One of the other aims of ...