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Harvest [Dystopia Rising: Evolution]

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  • Harvest [Dystopia Rising: Evolution]

    Dystopia Rising; Evolution art by Mark Kelly

    Red vaulted the cement barricade and landed hard in cover, any remaining breath driven out in a coughing gust by the impact, the howling of the raiders so loud on her tail she was amazed she hadn’t caught a spear in the back already. As if on cue, a long, wicked looking metal spear flew overhead and thudded into the ground behind her. Poker and Rennie gaped at it and then down at her from where they crouched down on either side of her, their eyes wide and white in the near dark. “Fucksake, light ‘em up!” she wheezed, reaching for her own shooter.

    It wasn’t powerful, but her voice seemed to break their trance and the two men rose to firing positions, guns braced on the barricade, and opened up on the raiders charging their position. A second later, Red heard more reports nearby as the rest of the ambush party came to life around them, nearly a dozen shooters blazing and turning the broken terrain of the old caravan lot into a ...


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