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Chicago and The Man [Monday Meeting Notes]

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  • Chicago and The Man [Monday Meeting Notes]

    Normally, I leave the “celebrations of the lives of those who passed” to the Today’s Reason to Celebrate section at the very end of this blog. But in this case, I need to say just a little something about Stan “The Man” Lee, who died today at 95.

    People have a lot of thoughts and feelings about Stan. I’m not going to wade into whether he created or wrote which parts of the Marvel Universe. The fact is, having worked on a lot of creative projects, it is very hard to realistically divide up anything creative you do with others.

    Even Stan and Jack Kirby wobbled back and forth over the years when they described who was responsible for what. What is undeniable is that his influence over the growth of Marvel, and the juggernaut of iconic and lasting characters that it is, was huge.

    His writing, editing, even art direction, were all part of creating those characters and those stories. For me, though, I got into Marvel comics after the birth of Marvel, after his name was on just a crazy number ...


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