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The Mirrorlands [Book of Oblivion]

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  • The Mirrorlands [Book of Oblivion]

    Emerging from the Shadowlands ‘tis I, Matthew Dawkins.

    The Book of Oblivion should be over with White Wolf for manuscript approval by the time this blog goes up, if we haven’t reached editing by that stage! It’s exciting to see another Wraith book near release, and even more exciting for me that we’ve been able to explore some of the other underworlds in this book. Stygia has always been the core setting for Wraith, but this book takes you into the Mirrorlands, the Dark Kingdom of Ivory, the Dark Kingdom of Obsidian, and more!

    Here’s an extract from Dale Andrade’s piece on the Mirrorlands!

    Haiti is the heart and soul of the Mirrorlands, for it is where Mama Petro, the first Loa, made her triumphant return from The Island Below the Sea. She spread the teachings of Les Mysteres and shared their power in return for pledges of service. Reborn “Les Invisibles,” the Mirrorlands embraced their heritage and forged a new society from the ashes of the old.

    Mama Petro formed Nanchons that quickly cemented her “Petro” faction as the strongest power in ...


    Onyx Path
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