In which Dixie, Eddy, and Matthew do a deep dive into the Storypath system that Onyx Path uses for Scion, Trinity, They Came from Beneath the Sea!, and Dytopia Rising: Evolution.

* Newscaster voices!
* Storypath system primer/basics of the mechanics
* Various systems Storypath does well
* Skill + Attribute
* Arena + Approach
* Storypath is structured like media!
* A bit about failures being interesting
* Dramatic editing and Trinity’s structure
* Momentum and Scion
* Integrating mechanics into setting
* More about failing before you succeed
* Dixie makes a WoW connection!
* Wading deeper in the Momentum pool
* The “Paths” of Storypath
* On…Trademarks? Props? in TCfBtS!
* More on Momentum, Conditions. and Flaws
* Dice rolling in Storypath, Enhancements, and Complications
* System flexibility
* Scale in Storypath
* A tangent!
* You don’t have to memorize the rules to run a game
* Power levels in Storypath
* Getting meta with TCfBtS!
* Trinity’s…continuum
* Our personal favorite Storypath games
* Another stinger brought to you by us goofing off before recording!

Trinity Continuum:*
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Scion Preorders: https://scion-2nd-edition-tabletop-r...sted_preorders
Dystopia Rising: Evolution:
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