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Belial’s Brood [Night Horrors: Spilled Blood]

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  • Belial’s Brood [Night Horrors: Spilled Blood]

    Hello Requiem readers! This time I’ve got a little preview of the Belial’s Brood from Spilled Blood. Before we get into that, I want to take a moment to talk about what Spilled Blood is. First, it’s a Night Horrors book. This means that it is full of antagonists to use both in your Requiem games, and other Chronicles of Darkness games. It’s also a way for me to introduce some new 2e bloodlines, especially utilizing something that we haven’t done before, which is bloodlines that share something other than clan. There are a few words in the introduction about that specifically, but I hope to also put more detail into an upcoming bloodlines book that will explain how such things come about. But expect to see some covenant specific bloodlines in this book.

    The book is broken into three chapters: antagonistic bloodlines, vampire antagonists, and non-vampire or vampire-adjacent antagonists. So instead of having a book completely themed for vampire or non-vampire antagonists, we have a mix of all types in this book. Hopefully, you’ll find something to terrorize your players ...


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