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  • Bellatierra [C20 Player’s Guide]

    Changeling 20th Players Guide art by Drew Tucker

    Luka Carroll, co-developer of the C20 Player’s Guide, is proud to introduce you to Bellatierra, the South American setting for Changeling: The Dreaming. This section was written by Jacqueline Hart.

    Kingdom of Mountains
    In the time before history, when the world was flat and blank, a woman wandered the earth with her people. Struggling to survive on the flatlands, no trees to shelter them, they ate what little they could catch. Their mother saw their suffering and, heart aching for her children, swore to build them a place they could call their own. Her voice called the trees down from the heavens, rooting them into the ground, spreading their branches high over the land. From the depths of the earth, she coaxed stones, birthing them forth through the flesh of this new land. Her pain gave way to tears, carving lakes and rivers that fled into the sea.

    In the womb of the earth grew forth all manner of creatures, from the delicate vesper bat to the grand titanoboa, each gifted with their own domain ...


    Onyx Path
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