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    Hi all! Matthew Dawkins here, the developer and one of the co-authors of Chicago by Night. I thought it’d be a nice treat to drop some of the fiction from the book on the blog, for those of you who haven’t seen it in the Kickstarter updates. Here, without further ado, is Jiba Molei Anderson’s Red Nº 5:

    Red Nº 5
    A Night to Remember that you’ll probably Forget

    Oh, my god! What a fantastic night!

    Okay, so my girlfriend Krissie and I are from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We came to Chicago for a girls’ weekend and were having a little pre-game wine drinking session at Zed451 when Jason invited us out to meet a couple of his buddies at this place called Red Nº 5. We were like “sure!” We were two girls out, looking cute, ready to mingle and, perhaps, get into a little trouble. Besides, Sho-Lo Fidelity was supposed to be playing tonight and I love his sets because I’m a big house music fan, right? I mean, don’t let my “becky-ish” looks fool you. I love getting my groove on and ...


    Onyx Path
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